2014 is your year to make a splash!

Join the thousands of brave plungers who’ve made a difference in the lives of kids born with heart defects in your community by signing up for the 7th annual Heart Stopper Challenge today!


A Heart Stopper Challenge is free to enter and requires no athletic prowess - just a heart of gold!

You want me to do what?

Teams of 4-6 people submerge themselves in a pool, lake or ocean of icy winter-like temperatures for 5 minutes.

It’s easy and fun!

Create a team theme, come in fancy dress and make sure your plunging efforts are supported. The goal is to raise as much money for @Heart and these special heart children as you can.

Promote yourself and your team using social media, word of mouth and everything and anything in-between to ensure each team member raises what they can (we ask that team members raise $100+ each, and we can help you get there).

Did we mention there will be PRIZES for Best Team Costume, Top Fundraiser and Team Spirit?

Let the fun begin - just select your event from the list below to register:

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Money raised online!

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